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Announcing my new game, Platfinity!
Platfinity™, the platform game you create while you play. Includes the example games: "Proving Grounds of the Mad Game Designer", a brutal test of your platforming skills; "Purgatory", a dark, emotional tale of a man stuck in limbo; "8 Bit Love Affair", a retro style game with classic graphics.

You will get all additional features and enhancements free, and a free Steam Key when Greenlit, so buy it now and start having fun building your own platform games!
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I've put all my past work on here,, below is everything I've released to the public on PC since the 1990s.  And also the upcoming game NoseBound, on which I am a voice actor.

Here is an archive of all the things I've done so far with some nice pictures of each game and a download link if I've got one. 
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I'm a curator on Steam now. 
You can follow me and like all the same games I like, lol:

I did the voice of Ray Hammond for the upcoming game NoseBound!

Ludum Dare 27: Tower To The Sun

Here's my entry in the Ludum Dare 27 competition, Tower To The Sun.  It's a game about our legacy to the planet and our children. I incorporated the 10 Seconds theme by having the player's character live his entire life in only ten seconds. When that character dies, a new one is born.
Your goal is to improve your surroundings so future people will reach the the goal of building a tower to the sun.
So, yeah, it's one of those artsy farsty games, lol  If you'd like to see this expanded, let me know :)

Ludum Dare 26: There is no they.

Here's my entry for Ludum Dare # 26.
It's called "There is no they."
The theme was minimalism.
That's why this text is so small :P

Plethora 2012 Disclosure (Demo)

This game was never completed.  I put out the demo which is has 4 levels of the full game featuring 3 of the games bosses.  I tried out some different things in this game, which didn't seem to resonate that well with people.  I think people want a pretty high level of graphics for this type of game, and not as much innovation in the gameplay.  There's also the challenge of making a good demo that shows enough of the game to be fun, but still starts out easy for beginners.  Some of the ideas and things I learned from this will go into my future work.  And it seems the going price for side-scrolling shmups is about $2.99...or $0.74 at Steam sale 75% price.  Anyway, download it here if you want:

Eye For Games

Eye For Games did an interview with me while I was working on Plethora 2012 Disclosure.  You can read it here:

Amazing Adventures of Super Dolphin

I did this for the Gamma IV competition.  I found out about the contest late and only had two weeks to do it.  I think it came out pretty good for something done that's five minutes of pure action and variety.  The contest rules stated there would be no sound at the event so of course I didn't put any sound in at all and then everyone who played it commented that it had no sound.  Um, yeah, that was kind of on purpose.  Anyway, I didn't win the contest.  The people that ran it couldn't even be bothered to post all the games, which is, you know, the whole point of entering a game.  The post contest version has Mouse, Joystick (XBox 360) or Keyboard controls.  Download it here:


An action puzzle game.  It plays like that Tetrad game from Russia everybody loves so much, only in four directions.  You have to make squares of cells around the center to cool the reactor.  My favorite part of it was the 'Fusion' mode, where you had to remove cooling cells to get the atom to the middle, I thought that was the most fun part of the game.  I sold three copies of it and then no more.  It came out in the Indepedent Games compilation I made it into a box!:
You can download the full version here if you want:

I had a report of Reactor giving a false positive for malware
on Google Chrome.  Here's a download link without the .zip extension if you're getting errors and it won't let you download it.  After downloading, rename the file adding .zip and extract it:

Fullscreen caused a lot of flicker the last time I ran this.  You may want to leave it in a window :)


I was working as a Level Designer at the 3DO Company when they went bankrupt.  It was a motorcycle racing combat game with stunts and bike stealing for PS2, Xbox, and GameCube.  I was the designer on the East Side / Prison / Parking Garage loops of the game.  It was sold after the bankruptcy, and the computer version of the game I later bought from Europe was very different than what we had been working on. 

Lead Tester, 3DO

I was a tester at 3DO before I became a Level Designer.  I tested a ton of games, the last of which I was lead on was Shifters, a Might & Magic game. 


Crash:Barrier was the first game I did for modern PCs.  It's a light-cycles style game with weapons and power-ups.  I've got it to play on some modern PCs, but not with the original sound.  Play at your own risk ;)  It was programmed in Borland C/C++ from the DOS command line and came out around the time rebooting into DOS was going out of style.  I didn't sell any copies of it.  You get it free now, lol:

OK, that's it.  Really, before this I just worked on games on my Atari 8bit computers and never released anything to the public.  Here's some links.

The first one is the guy who's did the music for Plethora 2012 Disclosure, George Dziov.
I can't say enough about his music,  so I'll just say go and have a listen!  It's a big part of setting the hardcore mood in Plethora.

Second is a cool little adventure RPG, Dark Scavenger by Psydra Games.  Check it out here:

You can contact me at:
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